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Moto robot

Today I have read a news about moto-man. It is one of the first celebrity robots.
Moto-Man is an enormous anthropomorphic creature, the character of Mind vs. Machine story. 
"The robot was designed and built by Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Ohio between 1937 and 1938. It stands seven feet tall and weighs more than 250 pounds" according to Wikipedia. 
The robot can speak, move like a human, and even smoke. It's made of steel gears and aluminum sheets. A classic look of an old picture of robots...
I accept everything except for the fact that the robot is able to smoke. What was in the head of its creator. Westinghouse Electric Corporation team apparently has a good sense of humor. 
Watch Westinghouse's promotional film, "The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair." It shows Elektro and its abilities to walk. See the story of its creation. Also visit National Building Museum where you can watch the complete version of the movie as well as lear more about Robot's creation....
Below are the pictures of Electro the Robot, superhero of its age. I can barely imagine what people will think about us and our inventions in future; but for me it's somewhat funny to learn more about what was created in the past....
Electro is such a gentle man! Awww... I love you already.... Dance with me, my robot! Dance with me....
Hero The Marvel of The Age.... So brave! So handsome!
Silly walk makes people love Electro. Fond of him....
Smoke into my metal lungs....
Created to be funny Electro demonstrates its (his) abilities to walk and pose.... 
Electro has different faces:
- Squared electro
- Rounded electro
- Triangle electro
- Vintage electro
- Modern electro
- Old fashioned electro
- UFO electro
- etc.

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