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Having a motorcycle is great, but sometimes it is risky if we do not take the necessary measures.  We should admit that they are not as safe as cars. However, for many people, being on two wheels and taking risks are part of the appeal.

The following are some precautions to avoid accidents and make your motorcycle journeys exciting and safer. Learning about motorcycles: First, getting a motorcycle license is very important. Taking some safety courses can be part of the motorcyclist education. Learning about motorcycles use, traffic safety laws, maintenance and mechanics gives you the skills and knowledge you need before driving. By taking courses, you will learn how to respond to emergency situations and avoid accidents.  You can also do that on your own by browsing the internet and discovering what many websites offer to help motorcyclists. So, curiosity is a crucial factor and it is the key to go beyond the basics. Curiosity will lead you to know more about your motorcycle. Offer yourself higher protection: Motorcycles offer little protection for motorcyclists. So, try not to wear shorts or flip flops when driving, because they can slip off. Wearing leather is a good option, because leather is strong enough to protect you in case of a crash with another vehicle. For instance, there are many companies that use breathable and lightweight clothes that keep you cool and safe.  Wearing comfortable shoes is also necessary for the motorcyclist safety.  Leather shoes can make it easier for you to balance and be protected. Finally, do nott forget to buy glasses of good quality to protect your eyes from the sun, wind and debris. Have a clear mind: Do not start your trip if you are distracted, emotionally down, tired or sick. In such situations, it is better to wait until feeling better.

Driving is not a joke or an entertainment activity for the absentminded or the angry.  Having a clear mind and a healthy body are the primary elements against harm or mistakes.  Organize your work area: Try to organize yourself and your work, when having some mechanical work to do. Choose the right place in your garage where you can take things apart and leave them until you can complete the work.  In this way, you will always know where your tools are and if anyone is lost. Much work cannot be done in only one day.

So, when you organize you work place, you do not need to look for your tools every time you begin working. After you finish your work, pick your tools up, place them in a toolbox and put it in a secure place. A missing tool can ruin your day and delay the work.    

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