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Today I want to talk about DEADPOOL 2. It's action comedy from the IMDb list of 50 best movies of 2018. DEADPOOL 2 was the twentieth Marvel comic screening and, according to viewers, one of the most awaited films of 2018.

Becoming a real cultural phenomenon in the world in 2016, improving a number of financial records and reloading the actor Ryan Reynolds career, the DEADPOOL 2 film is Marvel comics based film eventually returned to film screens after two years.

Simply better than the first movie, and even better than Infinity War in my opinion, great movie, great over the top FX, great story with unexpected twists, hilarious jokes and very positively surprised!


 Only this time, instead of Tim Miller, the filming process was entrusted to the director David Leitch who got one simple task of not losing all that unique charm that made the first movie so warmly welcomed by film critics and viewers.

The film is also extraordinary because it is unpredictable due to some essential components - ranging from unexpected storyline twists, hero swapping and ending with fantastic scenes after the titers that have forced the entire cinema to applaud loudly. So, let's watch it. 

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The Short Story Of The Movie

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds)is a former solder of Special Military Forces. He was seriously ill and agreed for experimental treatment. Thanks to this, he became harshly abominable externally, but strong physically.

Accustomed to body changes, he did not plan to become a world savior. However, malevolent villains do not cause sympathy for the guy, so he will gladly restore justice if there is an occasion. The Wade Wilson's days are running in the usual direction - from morning to evening he ruthlessly copes with the criminals, and after returning home, he is still capable of enjoying his beautiful wife.

But Wade doesn't even realize that his life will change very soon. And all because of the constant threat of the future - mutant Cable, controlled by the rage, wants to find and kill one supernaturally awarded boy. This is how the biggest battle of Wade's life begins, so the beginning of the end of DEADPOOL begins.

Looking for his way in this world, Wade is back again and faces hundreds of dangerous misunderstandings. The battle with the deadly ninja, Japanese criminal organizations Jakudza, sexually aggressive groups, and even hard-core metallics are waiting for him. 


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The Content Of The Movie

No one could think that the 2016 film about DEADPOOL would cause such a furor around the world. And here I am not about the very huge income of the film, given his strict censorship, but about the very positive reactions of people to this special comic-based film. It is therefore not surprising that the 20th Century Fox studio, together with the main role artist, decided to release the sequel as soon as possible. But, as we all know, rush sometimes does not lead to anything good.

 There was what to worry about. Still, the director Tim Miller, who added his hand to the vision of the first part, was removed. Another important argument has come from the fact that the director, responsible for the filmmaking, is a very solid but standard director, and not a big fan of comics. At least that is how he had spoken about his new job a year ago when the film studio officially announced him as a director. 

But on the other hand, the process itself started being more thoroughly controlled by actor Ryan Reynolds, who wanted to keep the style of the first film in every possible way. And that, you know, wasn't an easy task. The first film surprised me with various storyline turns, which sometimes left strange thoughts that made me feel very uncomfortable. And that surprise was the accent of the movie.


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 So, the second part does not surprise us with unexpected maneuvers that been used in the first film, but on the other hand, that repetition was not boring. Watching the movie was also fun and lively, as it was with the first part. 

The biggest plus of the film is humor. It spread out from all possible angles, holes, wounds, and mouths. Really, this is a very good comedy with non-standard humor associated with popular culture.  I therefore deeply sympathize with those people who will go to see the second part and will not understand all the jokes about the DC comic-based universe, about the advantage of Marvel's film studio, and the most important details that came straight from The Avengers' franchise. I'm not talking about other fun moments where other movies were mentioned. True, I ask you to look at Logan for those who haven't seen it before reviewing this part of DEADPOOL. I will not say why, but you have to do it.

If the first part seemed modest because the studio was very afraid to invest big money in an obscure project, then here we get a tense show where the characters are not just looking at each other, but also ruining everything they just see on their way. And the most pleasant, the action does not prolonged. It is inserted where it is necessary for the view itself to gain a bit more hardness. Because the comedy is fun, but it's a movie about X-Men with epic scenes.


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There is also much violence. We get it more here, and it is even hard to define. I think the word macabre would be perfect to describe what the filmmakers decided to show to the audience. And while somewhere was somewhat overwhelmed, but it didn't bother. Somehow it is the performance of Deadpool. We can see much more macabre scenes in comics and computer games.

The scenario is simply flawless. In this film, obviously, there is nothing serious. No matter how serious it seems, it is like a mockery of something - or other movie franchises, or other stories related to the actor, or just a laugh from people's misery.

The movie like the first part is for everyone. First and target audience - film fans who know everything, who can catch up on all the details, and laugh without stopping. Another audience is actually anyone who has a sense of humor and likes good action movies.

Each of the components I mentioned was very well-integrated into the overall storyline, so the overall picture really allows us you to praise the band's screenwriters, who managed to keep the boundary between eye-catching tastiness and good quality.


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The Personages Of The Movie

 Together with the increased action scenes, the number of characters has increased too. Here we even become a witness of the birth of the X-Forces, but I better leave it for you to watch. Here would be a fat spoiler.

Let's focus on the main characters. Deadpool hasn't changed. He is the same witty and brutal hero whose mouth is stinking from curses and other vulgar things. And although he is conducting the orchestra here, his story is not so interesting.

Wade Wilson, the nickname Deadpool, is an insane type. Egoist, insulting, full of irony, and too good thinking about himself. Let's add the superpowers that he has acquired but use it as a bump, and we will have a real anti-hero. And by no means a bad guy, because Deadpool is too good to become a bad guy but too bad to be a hero. He's somewhere in the middle. And although he is conducting the orchestra here, his story is not so interesting.


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One of the most popular Marvel comics heroes in the film, Cable, about whose mission and past we know a lot, has received a lot of attention in the film. But was he a real surprise in this movie? Really not. It was possible to find out about him two years ago when after the first part's subtitles Deadpool mentioned him as the main antagonist of the sequel after the first subtitles. Brutal and just amazingly embedded in a common story, a character that really fascinates by his charisma. He was not one of those fast-forgotten characters who made it one of the best personages of the X-Men franchise. 

At the end of the day, I think Deadpool’s funniest when he’s in pain, Deadpool sort of obviously filters his pain through a prison of humor, but we sort of find that the more pain we put him in, the more entertaining he is in some strange way. - Ryan Reynolds


It was fun to look at the Firefist, which caused so much confusion there. In my opinion, the character was perfectly revealed as a personality, and his whole tragedy became a very instructive nuance of the storyline of the film. After all, a good idea was expressed at this hero.

My sympathy does to Domino of the second rate personages. A fun and charming character who, like Cable, has livened up the film just because of his presence. In addition to this, the best performances could include Colosse, Peter, Weasel, and Brad Pitt.  In addition to this, the best performances could include Colosse, Peter, Viza and Brad Pitt. When I write, I just can't stop laughing at the scene in which he figured. There were other surprises. Particularly one of the heroes that the filmmakers wanted to hide in anons. It was a lot of fun that he appeared again at this 20th century Fox franchise.


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The Technical Side Of The Movie 

 The increased budget of the film allowed the creators of the band to incorporate many more CGI effects. The special effects here are really good, which makes it really nice to look at the overall picture. Also, in the film, the pluses of the visual side become the good decorations, wonderful make-up, and the heroes costumes. Especially the design of the Cable costume looked fantastic.

As in the original band, music was very important to create a variety of emotions by watching both dramatic, comic, and action-filled scenes. I would like to mention the most memorable songs by LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out and DMX Party Up, Celine Dion's sensitive Ashes, and hard AC/DC piece Thunderstruck.

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The camera work is also special. All the scenes of violence in the film were filmed so thoroughly that you can find yourself among the heroes and smell the Deadpool's scent. 

I liked the montage work. The sound was strengthened everywhere where it was needed to make the look very powerful, and video montage was also not bad. The story has a similar principle as the first film, so travel between the present and the past did not really diminish the tone of the general narrative.


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The Collective Work Of The Actors

 The main role of the hero was again entrusted to Ryan Reynolds. Without a doubt, Deadpool is the role of Ryan Reynold's life which he has managed perfectly. A great empathy to the character, which makes watching this movie even more enjoyable than the first part.

In supporting roles, both new and old actors found a place in the movie. The young Firefist in the film was played by Julian Dennison, a known actor of New Zealand film Hunt for Wild People, who now no less entertained at the filming site than Deadpool himself.

There is also great applause for the talented Josh Brolin, who recently appeared in the other magnificent amplitude of the Titan Thanos. The brutal image of the actor added charm to his character, which made him to me even more interesting than the other heroes of the film.

T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Morena Baccarin, Stephen Kapicic, Leslie Uggams, and Karan Son appeared episodically in the film. All of them could be seen in the first part. Among the newcomers, Zazie Beetz in a Domino role was the best performer, and the character was also quite interesting. The other actors in the film didn't have a big impact on the storyline, but some really surprised. But I'll stop here because it's better to see these actors yourself.


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On the Final Note

Superheroes. We are definitely not lacking them in our cinemas.

To sum up, I would like to say that DEADPOOL 2 film without a doubt didn't make the shame to the predecessor. This is a larger-scale project that you can watch more than once, but it did not create a WOW effect like the first one. The level is the same; the quality is the same. Let's wait for the third part, which I think will soon appear, taking into account the excitement of the sequel.

DEADPOOL 2 is extremely entertaining for a variety of popular culture elements, particularly brutal in its presentation, full of fun charismatic heroes, and not a boring continuation of the 2016 film, which does not damage the reputation of the predecessor, maintaining the same high pilotage.

Did the movie succeed? Of course, yes. The movie is just awesome. Of course, it is not only the director's merit but also all the creative group's. A lot of action, cruelty, and as much blood as possible. 


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I can only say - go to cinemas. Watch this movie. And watch not once. DEADPOOL 2 is simply a flawless sequel that is as good as the first movie. Everything in this movie is at the highest level - from the first shot to the last second.

My rating: 8.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 53/ 100
Metacritic: 6.6/100
Critics average: 5.3/10
IMDb: 7.8/10




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