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One of the most successful Hollywood producers of the 21st century, J.J. Abrams, along with Julius Avery, director of the Son Of Gun thriller in 2013, invites you to an unforgettable brutal entertainment that will give the adrenaline even to the spectators who already saw a lot - horror movie OVERLORD. This horror action movie is added in IMDb list of 50 best movies of 2018. 

The bloody, crazy and horrified action movie OVERLORD was produced by director J. J. Abrams, the creator of the Star Trek, Super 8 and Star Wars films

The critics claim that OVERLORD is capable to enchants by an impressively created an atmosphere and horror, forcing to hold your breath, while the amount of blood seen on the cinema screen is equal to the blood rivers spotted in Quentin Tarantino films.

Gritty, gory, and a hell of a lot of fun, Overlord just might be one of the best genre crossover films to be released in some time.


The military theme is probably one of the most attracting attention and difficult. Here the manifestation of empathy and humanity exists and plays like never before. If, of course, show and tell everything correctly. Not far from the level of military drama somewhere is a level of trash, based on military themes. Zombie Nazis will not let this be doubted. 

However, such stories are not taken seriously and close to the heart: when the story itself is presented only in an ironic way, directing the audience's attention to the blood and the degree of slaughter, you can hardly think about something deep. The creators of OVERLORD, however, did not want to arrange a typical adrenaline feeling but decided to combine it with the very military drama. The main thing here was not to blunder with proportions, so as not to reject the viewer. And the authors, surprisingly, succeeded.

The Nazi experiments themselves are terrible in real life. Even the terrible words cannot describe everything that they got up in their laboratories. But if we add a pinch of fantasy to all this, having seasoned all the rumors with a vivid imagination, then we get an unshakably terrifying concept, where fiction shimmer with the truth. So, let's watch it.

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The Short Story Of The Movie

Second World War. Leading to the goal of destroying enemy radio transmitters, a group of American paratroopers flew to German-occupied lands. The plane is, of course, got knocked down by a Nazi near a French village with a radio tower. Only Boyce (Jovan Adepo), Ford (Wyatt Russell), and soldiers who have the determination to continue the mission and blow up the Nazi tower are still alive.

However, it turns out that there is a mysterious church in the same village, under which the Nazis soldiers perform experiments with humans. What's the goal of experimenting? Of course, to create the eternal super soldiers for the Reich!

So, now only the Nazi soldiers but also the huge army of horrible creatures - the secret German scientific experiments stay on the way of young people's goal.  Soon, a simple mission of destroying a radio transmitter turns into an endless struggle with bloody villagers who are dead zombies, determined to tear each object on the road.

Will young people survive? Or maybe Americans are doomed to become victims of a zombie army?


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The Content Of The Movie 

Every time J.J. Abrams starts to direct or produce any film project, it becomes clear that it will be the least well-realized idea. However, this man has given us a number of wonderful films that you can watch one by one and not even one time.

We got to know about this film at the beginning of last year when Netflix launched an indirect The Monster Project's sequel called The Cloverfield Paradox. Then the rumors began, what would be the next tape of this films' universe. And from somewhere came rumors that the action of the fourth film transfers to the Second World War.

So a few words about the movie itself. It is not like a Norwegian horror thriller Dead Snow that appeared in 2009, which was also dominated by zombie-style Nazi soldiers. It is a more satire, more entertaining project that does not frighten, but gives you very solid entertainment.


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Initially, by a synopsis or trailer, OVERLORD resembles typical trash that promises the same bloody slaughter in the dark basements of German camps. However, the opening scene sets the audience in a slightly different way, demonstrating a truly exciting and frightening scene of the landing of soldiers from an airplane in Normandy. Furthermore: the immersion in the German occupation is becoming deeper and more intense, the horrors of the martial law of powerless people are felt clearly. And when a disgusting German officer enters the frame with the child and the mother, it is difficult to stay out of business not only for the heroes but also for the spectators themselves. 

Plunging headlong into the horrors of war, the creators are moving to a fantastic part, perceived, in fact, absolutely not fantastically.

The film successfully maintains the brink of mixing genres, perfectly existing on the field of military drama and enough horror. OVERLORD from the psychological severity of the war smoothly moves to the action and back without loss. Without any ironic spirit, in all seriousness, it represents the famous, terrible experiments of the Nazis in the fantasy category, while leaving the leading idea - human cruelty.


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Faced with the Nazis, with unknown fantastic power, no one forgets that the main enemy is people who want to destroy other people. After all, the most horror consists not of a transformation into something terrible, but in who does it and stands behind all this.

What is worse: to become something disgusting after death or during life, fully aware of the things you do, not hesitate to be much more disgusting, continuing to destroy people in favor of some disgusting goals. With this seriousness, OVERLORD eaves the most pleasant impressions, while not losing charm in other details.

The action in this film is the main focus. It is deployed in several ways - serious military attacks, effective-looking shootings and, of course, hero-individual collisions with enemies. Each stage of the action gives a lot of tension and at the same time pleasure from what we see. The brutal action set is impressive, fully using the available opportunities, exploding and beating everything that is possible. And since the human characters rotate in it with morality, motivation, and goals, their confrontation with pure evil of unprecedented power is much more interesting.


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I am not saying that everything in the film looks perfect because absurdly foolish places are not lacking here, but in general, it's one of those projects that are full of the action, which looks quite interesting not only because of excessive action but also because of its story.

In the epicenter of the story, there are several hotheaded soldiers who have to execute the mission entrusted to them, on which will depend on one of the most important operations of the Second World War - the Allied landing in Normandy or just D-Day.

Each one is different. This not only brings more colors to the overall context of the film, but also they allow us to feel a sense of sympathy to them. Therefore, from the beginning, we have an opportunity of observing their steps and even perceiving their actions. And when one or other of them find themselves in an unenviable situation, we simply worry about them. It is a pity that not every movie creates such a feeling now.


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There are quite a lot of brutal scenes. But are they shocking images forcing you to close your eyes? Really not. I would even say that such director's decisions added a distinctive charm to the film. Especially when the tension and uncertainty are felt through the movie. This effect similar to computer games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Return to Castle Wolfenstein. That's why you can boldly watch the film as a screenshot of a non-existent computer game.

There is no claim in the film to anything more deeper. Here you will certainly not find any moments of moral reflection on the aspects of war. So if you want anti-war drama with profound subtlety, you should probably go for the 20th time to watch Saving Private Ryan.

 OVERLOAD, due to the lack of big stars and attention, will probably not be noticed by many viewers, especially after being released to the public the same weekend as the continuation of the popular The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - The Girl in the Spider's WebBut don't be fooled, this is a rhythmically well-crafted, stylish and, most importantly, fun horror action movie worth seeing. 


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The Technical Side Of The Movie

OVERLOAD is a film without emotional tears and with a lot of well-timed action. And that is nothing wrong. A very nice visual side of the film complements all of this with very good special effects in some places, and the camera frames are sometimes quite attractive. Everything is crowned by a good soundtrack with a typical dominance of double-bass carrying evil scenes.

Makeup, makeup, and makeup again! It becomes a true hero of the film, allowing us to enjoy not only the wounds of the soldiers and their dirty faces but also the inventive zombies. Also, the film's decorations and costumes have also added a sense of reality to watching a very dynamic action.


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I was also pleased with the camera work. Thanks to the operator Laurie Rose and Fabian Wagner's duo, the main heroes, their efforts to accomplish the mission and their struggle with far more powerful enemies were perfectly portrayed.

The musical part of the film also did not give a sense of calm. Strong musical works have added to the band the strong effect that Rammstein creates in their impressive concerts.

Sound editing is great; every scene thanks to it turned into a powerful scene. There was really a lot of work here with the jumps of scenes, which each time caused much more tension. And what's the end of the movie! It's hard to tell you how well they created it.

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The Collective Work Of The Actors

There were many familiar faces in the film that we could see in popular film projects, but remembering their names would be a mission impossible. It's just that, this guy played there and there, I remember. But who he is, hmm, the devil knows. At least I had such an impression while watching this movie.

Though it is may not good for movie theaters because spectators like famous names in the films, but the actors' team does not harm the overall impression and they are worthy good praises. OVERLOAD is an example of how much can be done without typical famous stars.

Jovan Adepo: There’s a fine line between right and wrong. And when it comes to heroes and villains, I think that we all kind of play both sides of that, at times. I think as long as your, your morality is in tune. I think that's what separates you from being a hero and a villain, I think.


The main role in the film played the actor Wyatt Russell, who has been known from the movie 22 Jump Street. This time he was entrusted with the corporal Ford role. A character with charisma is not only very well involved in the overall action but still plays naturally enough.

Jovan AdepoMathilde Ollivier, Iain De Caestecker, and John Magaro perfectly helped the main personage. it was a pleasure to watch at them. 


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On The Final Note

OVERLORD is a dynamically presented and brutal action thriller that provides great entertainment while watching an American troop collision with powerful Nazi zombies. To sum up, the film has been a really fun and worthwhile review on the big screen because of its engaging history, enchanting and unexpected finale, good action and the easy storyline decorated with not a banal humor.

OVERLORD not only entertain the viewer, who came for the spectacle, but it very well manages to leave pabulum for thought, which makes it more valuable and much more memorable in the background of similar stories that do not consider themselves to be serious.

All the entertaining action, filled with blood and energy, of course, is cool, but the wish that the heroes ended up doing well here is better. Not every horror movie succeeds in it.


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Empathy and humanity in the military conditions are one of the most important details not only for survival but also for life. And even if the story of paranormal Nazi experiments understands this, then the viewers sitting in front the screen should not forget about it.

Once you get to the fight, then you have to win the war. - Wyatt Russell

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My rating: 8.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 81/100
Metacritic: 60/100
Critics average: 7.0/10
IMDb: 6.8/10



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