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Who is not familiar with Angry Birds fictional characters. Cute bird characters with a variety of colors with a unique voice, Angry Birds is a character ideal for children. A popular animated games were throwing birds with a slingshot to destroy buildings and dropping pigs. In fact, everyone in the world have played a game of Angry Birds on their Android or IOS. I've been playing this game more than 500 times a day. But what happens when the characters in the game is made in a 3D movie. Here is The Angry Birds Movie that was released in May 2016.

Well my friends in bitlanders. Now I will review the movie of The Angry Birds Movie. I think this movie is interesting to watch. Many of my friends in bitLanders suggested me to write a review for this movie. In May the movie will be released in my country. Surely I will watch this movie live in theaters.

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The unique about this movie is the directors of this movie done by two people, they are Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly. While the scenario script was written by a professional that Jon Vitti. Professional producers who will handle the film are John Cohen, Catherine Winder and David Maisel. Certainly not acting in the animated film of the players who will determine the success of the film, but rather how the voice actors in the voiced of the character bird or pig later. In this film a lot of professionals actors will voice of birds or pigs characters, they are Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage and Maya Rudolph. The movie will be produced by renowned companies and professional course that is Sony Pictures Imageworks and this movie officially released on May 20, 2016.

Synopsis of the Movie

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At the beginning of the story of The Angry Birds Movie tells us the life of a group of birds guarding their eggs and live in a beautiful little island. they are Red, the emotional bird, Chuck, the clumsy yellow bird and Bomb,the giant blackbird. Initially they lived in peace and peaceful island. But there is one bird that has problems with his temper and always anger and could not control his anger, the bird is Red.

Once upon a time there was a boat that came on their island that brings a bunch of evil pigs led by Leonard who intend to steal the eggs of birds. With the arrival of Leonard and the other pigs to make the lives of the birds on the island feel annoyed and uncomfortable. The bird should be on guard hard and defend their eggs from being stolen by Leonard and his friends.

After a long time the act of the pigs trying to steal their eggs, eventually Red with Chuck, Matilda, Bomb and the others of birds trying to attack and shoo the evil pigs that of their island, for the safety of the eggs they will hatch later.

Watch the Trailer of The Angry Birds Movie Below

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Voice Over of the Angry Birds Movie

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Obviously in selecting the voice over is not careless people, although only animated movie but the voice over should really animates the character so that the dubbing can be appropriate and interesting. In this movie there some professional and reliable voice-over who can fill the voice of characters.

o> Jason Sudeikis as the voice over of the character of Red, a red bird that emotional and angry, and always make their group of bird threatened because decisions that endanger by himself.
o> Josh Gad as the voice over of the character of Chuck, the yellow bird cute but mischievous and likes to annoy his friend.
o> Danny McBride as the voice over of character of Bomb, the blackbird was big and funny.
o> Bill Hader as the voice over of the character of Leonard, the evil pigs who was a leader of a group of bird egg thief.
o> Peter Dinklage as the voice over of the character of Mighty Eagle, the eagle with a long beak and strong.

Presenting Cute and Cheers Scenes

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The Angry Birds Movie present really funny scenes and adorable movie. In the game of angry birds are usually depicted with this simple even just to look round with a face without wings and legs and moving by jumping, but in this film has the organ complete as wings, legs and even able to move freely, although in the movie or in game still can not fly. The Island residence of the bird is also seen as beautiful as paradise on craved by children. So it is quite making eye was struck by the beauty of the place.

Colorful bright luster and beautiful from the residence of the birds have made this movie is suitable to be made a spectacle for children, funny and interesting stories that make us laugh out loud.

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Peak Tension Felt when the End of the Story

Placement of the storyline for the Angry Birds Movie might make children gobsmacked when watching this movie from beginning to end. Especially when the funny and hilarious behavior of the birds that can really tickle. But for adults certainly want to see the attractions when the birds against pigs with a slingshot catapult through. Of course, sometimes we adults tend to get bored waiting for this scene appears and the producer saves this pivotal scene at the end of the story.

When the fight between birds against pigs then feel the fun begins. Previously there was a story of this angry bird that really can make us laugh out loud, but there are also some jokes that were not funny and impressed too made up funny.

The peak of the anger of the bird finally culminated to the pigs so as to make them have to act decisively to evict the pigs from their island, when the Red was able to control his emotions and flocks of birds working together to drive the pigs from the island.

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Red is a Hero

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At the beginning of this film we meet the characters Red who lost his job because he was so emotinal and can not control his anger when facing consumers. In addition the nature of anger and create chaos continues to be brought to justice and get the punishment. Red was sentenced to attend a class "Anger Management" so that he can control his emotions.

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Red really do not like being in the class. In class, he met with a wide variety of birds with unique capabilities. Some like racing, could explode even with a unique look. All classmates are not happy with Red behavior. Similarly, the residents of the island of birds always isolate Red.

But when a group of pigs with a ship they came on Bird Island. The unsuspecting birds will be the arrival of the pigs. Only Red were suspicious of the behavior of the pigs. Red tried to advise flocks of birds would foul intentions of the pigs, but no one believed him. When the original nature of the pork revealed it was too late. Bird Island has been overrun by a herd of pigs and stole all the eggs have been on. But at this moment Red becomes a hero and savior of the island.

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Simple Stories

Angry Birds Movie is an animated comedy that can be said is simple with a very simple story. Although we do not watch this movie from the beginning we were still able to follow the story. Spectators only need to sit and relax while watching without having to think hard and try to understand what the purpose of this film. Because this film is on target for the children.

Another uniqueness of this film is a story that contains a casual format, and simple. Unlike the film adaptation of other games like Assassin's Creed, Warcraft, Resident Evil and other films, which had a deep storyline.

For the gamer  may be familiar with the word "casual" but for the layman the term "casual" is certainly very strange. So the angry birds games include a game that is easy to impress casual or easy to play, different with adventure games like Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, and other films.

Different with the movies adoption of games like Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil, and Warcraft. These games are not included into the casual games are played just for fun or just a fad, the story is so profound that makes the audience should follow the plot of this film from beginning to end.

Angry Birds movie is exactly once raised the concept, story, and the story line in the game into the film accordingly when they play the game of Angry Birds.

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Age Rating and Warn of The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie is actually aimed specifically for children but the film is given a rating adolescence for people who are aged 10 years and older in this film because there are some scenes that make children must be accompanied by a parent to watch it. Such as scenes of birds when tempt the girl birds, the birds are raised loudly and violently through the catapults when attack the pigs and there are some words that are a little dirty. So, it is highly recommended to parents when their children invited to watch this film should be under the supervision and guidance of parents.

 So enough of my review of the film The Angry Birds Movie, let us together waiting for the movie release and watch it at the cinema are available in our country. I am Arjun-Saskar saying see you next time in the next blog movie review.

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