Movie THE GRINCH Review: Warm, Cute, Moody, And Very Colorful Christmas Animation

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Movie THE GRINCH Review: Warm, Cute, Moody, And Very Colorful Christmas Animation

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Winter holidays are overgrown with traditions, like spruce with needles. Those traditions include television broadcasts and films in the cinema that often before Christmas delight viewers with new Christmas movies. The film studio Illumination that delighted us for nearly a decade with the animation hits Despicable Me, Minions, Sing, and The Secret Life of Pets are presenting a fun Christmas tale, animation comedy THE GRINCH, the basis of which became a literary work of known writer Dr. Seuss.

The director of this animated film is Yarrow Cheney. Screenwriter Scott Mosier debuted as the second director of this new fairytale and funny story about the Grinch.

You can blame the creators of remakes for an effort to earn on nostalgia for children's times, but when decades separate the novelty from the original, its benefits are undeniable. A new cartoon about Grinch leaves a feeling of a good children's fairy tale. It's a bit naive, of course, but still a well-established story.

The new cartoon is created for viewing exclusively in a company with young children. However, a dynamic narrative with a lot of fun details and touching characters makes this process pleasant for adults too.


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The Short Story Of The Movie

With the coming of the most beautiful holidays - Christmas, the inhabitants of one small and very positive town feel real joy.  Everyone is preparing for a cheerful Santa Claus meeting, singing Christmas songs, and decorating their homes. Everyone, except Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch). Every year, this festive period becomes real suffering to him. 

Grinch, living alone with his dog in a small village, is a real inventor! Having provided the home with technologies that allow them not to leave the house, the green thief fills the nose goes out only for food. Unfortunately, then he faces with neighbors, which he, to put it mildly, does not like. The latter ones, annually celebrating Christmas, disturb the peaceful loneliness of Grinch, with the ever-increasing decorations, loudest songs, and music.

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Knowing that this year people plan four-time bigger than usual celebration, Grinch gets angry and sees the only way out - he must steal the Christmas ensuring a calm and quiet living. An angry Grinch decides to steal all the gifts. Overnight Grinch takes away all the gifts, and in the morning he hears still the festive buzz. Understanding that Christmas presents is not the most important thing Grinch is thinking how to return them. 

Will he succeed in eliminating the most hated holiday once and for all? Or maybe the magic spirit of Christmas will soften even the heart of Grinch?


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The Content Of The Movie

The story How Grinch Stole Christmas, written by Dr. Seuss, already a few times came to cinema screens. Nearly two decades ago, and more precisely in 2000, we received a film by director Ron Howard, whose main role was played by Jim Carrey. In the year of release, the film became a financial hit and was warmly welcomed by viewers. In addition to the movie I mentioned, the story of Grinch was also moved into several short animated films that appeared in 1966 and 1992.

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more! ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


This is precisely why, with the arrival of GRINCH premiere, I have a simple question: why Illumination instead of delighting us with one more original project, again adapted well-known story?

It can be said that everything was done for money. And this would probably be the best answer to this rhetorical question. But on the other hand, we have not yet received a full-length animated film that would be featured on cinema screens. Therefore, looking back at the simple desire of the studio to profit, maybe we need to look at this situation at a slightly different angle and enjoy the fact that during this holiday season we will have a really gorgeous, high-quality, and very Christmas animated film?  Such simple epithets I describe animated films also could be given to 2018's THE GRINCH, as it really allowed to have fun, easy enough, and very exciting entertainment in the movie theater.


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The movie is divided into three parts - the birth of a nasty plan, the plan implementation, and the consequences of the plan. In each section, we can get acquainted with Grinch from a completely different perspective on his personality.  Therefore, to watch at the metamorphosis of this charismatic character from the beginning of the film to its end is not really boring.

Unfortunately, apart from the main character, the other characters presented in the film do not have much time to express themselves, which is why I cannot give them too much sympathy, albeit as desired. The only second-rate actors who gave the film a charm are Grinch's dog Max, the thick deer Fred, and the annoying mister Mr. Bricklebaum (Kenan Thompson) living in the Grinch neighborhood. They all appeared on the spot and in time, and thanks to their pranks, the humor is flowing naturally in this movie.

However, the drama that movie makers tried to squeeze through Cindy-Lou (Cameron Seely) and her mother Donna (Rashida Jones) was very dry and unbelievable. Although I have to admit, the very idea of this drama was really amazing. However, the big question is whether the children coming to the cinema will understand this drama.


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As I mentioned, there is certainly no shortage of jokes in the film. The greatest part is presented on the first side of the film, while we are presented with Grinch and his plan to steal Christmas. The second part of the film focuses on the other things, so it's not humor begins to dominate at the history finale, but the frequent companion of the fairy tales - sermon.  I will not reveal what about it will be, but it really makes us think about how we live and what our attitude towards other people is.

The entire film itself reminds me of another studio Illumination's project Despicable Me. Even the story's turns are the same. Therefore, one might think, that creating its first part, the creators were inspired by Grinch. Maybe it was different, but just in this case, there are overlapping storylines between these two stories. Yes or no, both stories are fun and worthy of attention.

I think there is nothing more to say here. The animation went funny, warm, and adapted to a modern child who may not even have heard about Dr. Seuss and his literary works. And maybe after this movie, children will want to get acquainted with other works by this writer.


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The Personages Of The Movie

This time, the main character was no longer portrayed as supernaturally strong, and his appearance was not as loathsome and frightening as before. Unpleasant features of the hero are underlined, but so as not to cause obvious disgust and doubt in the possibility of re-education. 

The main villain (or antihero?) grew up in an orphanage, and Christmas remained for him forever a holiday of solitude, while everyone around was having fun and rejoicing. This Grinch really wants only one thing: not to see in each centimeter of the shining facade the fact of excluding from it those who are not so wonderful. The illusion of an absolutely happy society is one of the most dangerous.


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The girl Cindy-Lou is not obsessed with Grinch here - she does not run after him but tries to catch Santa to help her mother. Their storylines develop in parallel and intertwine only at the end. The characters do not push each other to the true meaning of Christmas - they find it themselves, evolving along the plot.

In the cartoon, there are no bad characters at all. From the very first frames, the big and small spectators plunge into the atmosphere of general merriment; people are happy to wait for Christmas. And even the serious topic of the hard life of a single mother is not a goal in itself, but simply the motivation for her daughter to send a letter to Santa.


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In the final, the dearest traumatic Grinch not only returns presents but also repents before the society whose traditions he has broken. And in itself, this apology is logical and correct, as the first step to meet, but society is in no hurry to ask forgiveness for misunderstanding and thank him for reminding them of what Christmas actually is.

Christmas is about the acceptance of everyone, the love to the stranger, the respect for one another, the mercy to the fallen ones, and the sympathy for those people who are less fortunate. It is about the fact that, even living among minions, we must remain a human, no matter how hard and sometimes unpleasantly it is.

This is not a story with an important general morality; it's just a story about how alone grumbler forgot about sadness from childhood and found friends. Absolutely, all heroes are charming in their naivety.


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The Technical Site Of The Movie

In addition to the brilliant story, the creators of the film have pampered us with a very colorful looking universe - starting with the heroes appearing in the film and completing a carefully crafted small beautiful town with even the smallest details. It was a great pleasure for the eyes. And the converted image to the 3D also contributed greatly here.

The technical side is at the height, and above all, it concerns the city view, which has turned into a mega-city lost in the mountains, not a gloomy realm, but a nice village of friendly citizens that is brightly lit both day and night. 

The view of the cartoon is festive: rich bright colors, smooth movements of the characters, and no mess from the visual effects before your eyes.

The soundtrack also gave a great pleasant sense. In addition to all the well-known Christmas tunes, it was possible to hear in the movie even a motive for such a cult hit as the Run DMC Christmas in Hollis, and all other legendary songs.

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The Collective Work Of The Actors

Without a doubt, I would recommend watching the film not only for children but also for adults, so grab your family members or friends and go to the cinema because it will be the most romantic and most Christmas cinematic project in the repertoire of the cinema.

Greench is the most Christmas project of this festive film season, which gives viewers not only a good sermon but also allows you to experience a really light and extraordinary entertainment in the cinema hall, which special point was Benedict Cumberbatch, the owner of the unique voice.


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On The Final Note

Without a doubt, I would recommend watching the film not only for children but also for adults, so grab your family members or friends and go to the cinema because it will be the most romantic and most Christmas cinematic project in the repertoire of the cinema.

THE GRINCH is the great Christmas project of this festive film season, which gives viewers not only a good sermon but also allows you to experience a really light and extraordinary entertainment in the cinema hall, which special point was Benedict Cumberbatch, the owner of the unique voice.

THE GINCH- the very entertainment that is well suited for family viewing on Christmas holidays. This is a light, simple, and funny cartoon that will once again remind you about gifts under the tree, and about love, and about good mood. This is a fun, warm and visually appealing history of optimism and Christmas spirit.


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If on the eve of the holidays you want to take the child to a Christmas cartoon or, THE GRINCH is a good choice, since it leaves the extremely positive feelings after watching. And for adults, this cartoon is a great way to recall that holidays are not rude and fuss, but just a positive and fun that you can share with even the loner ones. 

 This new version of The Grinch meets to entertain and enlighten new generations of viewers about the history of that character and promote their message of union and solidarity. - Diana Su, Cine Premiere


 My rating: 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 57% ( of 100)
Critics average: 5.7/10
IMDb: 6.4/10


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