Movies in Afghanistan

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    Afghan theater situation improves in Afghanistan daily. Such films are being produced in Afghanistan that are qualified in International Film Festivals. Then, even they receive prizes.

    The most important factor is that Afghan women participate in movies. Either they produce films or they play role in the movies. In general the number of Afghan women who play role on films or produce movies have increased since the last ten years.

Parisa is a 28-year-old girl who is a journalist. Besides, she is playing role on movies as well. She has played role on different movies since the last 4 years. She says: “I am playing role on movies because I have loved it since I was a child. Now, I support my family through this position I have chosen.”

    Afghan women can participate in different social fields in Afghanistan. Now a days in movie theaters tens of Afghan women participate and reflect the challenges Afghan women face. They solve their social problems through participating in movie theaters.

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Susan Hasanzada is graduated from Journalism Faculty of Heart University. She is a reporter in Zohal Universal Radio as well as a social Writer for Filmannex. She is very interested of women affairs, and thinks that women as the half part of the society should take their real responsibility in…

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