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There was a time when every body was busy in their life and when they used to be free they usually prefer doing rest or go to asleep. But now people prefer watching movies in their free time. So we can say that now people really have got interest in movies. People are also getting more sensible and intellectual. They want good stuff to watch. Every  time they want new story with action, thrill, suspense, and emotions. They just don't see the actor or actresses, they critically examine the movie and pick the weak points and peak points of the movie. Movies with old stories and slow tempo are not liked by people. In fact now a days loves stories are not getting much attraction of people  because people are liking movies with interesting stories and different cast. Science fiction is also getting  lot of attention of people. Our young generation still loves the super hero kinda movies like: 

Spider Man, Bat Man, Super Man 




But the standard of such movies is only in Hollywood. In Bollywood the super hero kinda movies are always  failure for the directors and producers.



But the kind of movies  which Hollywood and Bollywood both are producing of equal standard are Horror movies. Indian Industry have worked really hard to improve their standard.



In short movies should be made according to mind of people who have to watch those movies. Because its all about there likeness. If we will provide standard stuff people will like them and those movies will get hit on box office.

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