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An aspect which has become very much a part of our lives these days is Indian movies. This genre of entertainment has become so vast and dynamic that it handles myriad subjects very deftly, ranging from hard core entertainment movies to art movies that reflects human psyche.  Movies these days are made both at a high scale budget to low scale budget. High budget movies aim at maximization of profit from the market through large promotional events, ranging from promotional events in shopping malls, radio channels, and also through popular shows  like “Comedy Nights with Kapil “where the leading hero and heroine appear as guests to promote their upcoming movies. Not only this, production house also negotiate a tie-up with popular brands from fashion world and online shopping websites like to catch the attention of the public.

There is a class of both good movies and bad movies, though it’s a completely personal opinion. Goodness and badness of quality of any work is very relative. Common people often engage in arguments judging the quality of a movie, as per their own likes and dislikes. Reviews appear in newspapers and magazines, though they are largely based on business decisions. But at the bottom line, its an undisputable truth, that all movies cater to the taste of different types of audience whose choice and expectation from movies, in turn, depends largely on their educational and cultural backgrounds. 

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