MQM seems to be in solid chowder after BBC allegations

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ISLAMABAD: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) stands fully cut off in relative to the BBC report that leveled important allegations on it of being paid Indian support and instruction, as every political party wants full investigations into the case.

For the time being, all the charges figuring in the situation transmit to the time when the MQM was a check ally of Pervez Musharraf. It is an open underground that the ruler was its most sponsor and financier. When the survey is launched in opposition to the MQM, will it also cover the dictator’s planned abandon that he sustained to demean MQM in spite of knowing its tremendously unlawful tricks?

Several of the old fogey adversaries of the MQM, which was not at all under such huge stress as it is currently, are treating the stuffing of the BBC story as a fine chance to patch up scores with Altaf Hussain and are also demanding to take revenge the electoral defeat they have been being paid from it in Karachi. They believe it is excellent moment to make a offer to pinch freedom in the jumbo city.

Earlier president and co-chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari, who has at period spoken shared aims with the MQM when it faced hard challenges, is also mute over the negative description while his connections have clearly not only distanced from Altaf Hussain’s group but as well called for complex inquiry into the accusations.

Later than the MQM was confronted with the mainly strong condition owed to the Rangers’ forced entry on the Nine Zero in March and healing of case-hardened convicted criminals and guns from at hand and when it was creature berated by all and varied for these illegalities, Zardari had talked to Altaf Hussain and invited him to bond the Sindh command. But at this spot of time the PPP co-chairperson lacks the fortitude and nerve to let somebody use any maintain to the MQM as he is so far to approach out of the critical property of the hurt he suffered after his uncharacteristic outbursts against the Pakistan Army. Adding up to his woes are the Rangers’ procedures against some of his verified partners on charges of fraud.

The seclusion plaguing the MQM is also similar to what the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) faced through its sit-in last year. No political party had demonstrated even minor sympathy to it and had quite slammed it for depressing policy, soreness Pakistan. It came out of this situation only after it wrapped up the gripe.

All the political parties, uproar at the MQM on story of the BBC report, have clearly their own knife to mill other than Altaf Hussain is also wholly liable for the isolation his energy is undergoing because he has not been bright to have any strong working correlation with any political unit. There is not a single voice that is geared up to demonstrate even slight amity with the MQM at this period.

The dislike and hostility of the institution to it is no covert. The MQM doesn’t have such props any more. Owing to the significance of allegations scheduled in the BBC report, no one wants to permit the MQM off the catch. Yet such allegations had been leveled in the history too, such as by Karachi police official Rao Anwaar freshly. Still, the charges have not ever been officially framed against the MQM and filed in a square of law. Thus, the entire battle has just been restricted to spoken onslaughts, which do not equal the importance of the offense of receiving backing and preparation from India.

Resembling before, the statements made by peak government influential give an plan that they signify trade. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has bound for establishment to carefully examine the allegations. Defence Minister Khawaja Asif says there will be real look into, and no eyewash, into the somber allege as it was not 90s; if it is proved that MQM got money from India then there will not be any diversity among India and MQM.

Imran Khan went more, saying that this was an issue of sedition. “This is a state of treachery which centers on the MQM for being paid funding and guidance of Indian spy society. This is a severe allegation. If, after the BBC report, the MQM futile to file defamation case against the broadcaster it might mean that the hostility in Karachi could have been carried out on the advice of RAW.”

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is properly seeking British support to inspect the allegations against the MQM. Time is leaving to turn into harder and tougher for the MQM in the days to come as London is pending in extending facilitate.




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