Mrs. Gufran Qureshi founder of Sirat ul jannat

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Today I am going to write about an Irish women and I am feeling that’s it my good luck that I am writing for such a great women .



Her good name is Mrs. Gufran Qureshi . She is founder of Sirat ul Jannah.



 Do you know here?

She is an Irish women. but

She married a Pakistani his name is Ahmed Qureshi . He is a religious person .She accepted Islam when her daughter was nine years of age.  When she came Pakistan she saw some children on the side of road . She asked someone why these children are here ?why they are not going home ? Answer was they have no home they live on road. She  became sad after hearing this . One day she said to her husband  we earned a lot wealth, prosperity and everything . Now the time is to do  something for others. That is a great decision .


Madrasa Sirat ul Jannat 

   A room for Namaz and reciting Quran Pak .

So they open a madrasa   boarding , for orphan children.  They are working from sixteen years for orphan children.  They open  in Muree , Karachi and in Islamabad . They also provide quality of education , food , dresses, and also provide healthy environment. And also make arrangements for the marriage of  orphan young girls .



She is also living with her family and orphan children . cooking for children.


 they  are also living with great love . her behaviour with children and family is like a friend...


A Sirat ul Jannah medical center.


Sirat ul Jannat  medical centers are also opened  for free checkup of orphan and poor people .


Medical centers


Faisalabad .

Kabirwala ,





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