Mugged student says he deserved it?

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An ultra-conservative friend of mine (a former softball teammate from Santa Barbara) recently sent me an article ostensibly about a Georgetown student who was mugged at gunpoint. According to the article, the student, a Senior, says he deserved it because of his privilege.

The article continues that the victim said he can "hardly blame" the alleged muggers for robbing him, and that "income equality" is the real culprit, not the robbers.

I've read deadpan humor from both The Onion and the Iowa Hawk, and I'm usually smart enough to "get it." But I can't tell if this is real, or dark, Conservative humor, poking fun at Liberalism.

The comments at the end of the article are mostly about how today's students are "brainwashed" by Liberalism, but I can't tell if they didn't get the joke, or if the whole thing is real.

Here's a link to the original article. It's from, which I assume to be a Conservative website of some sort:

What are your thoughts? Is this real? Or satire?

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