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Adopted Emperor "Gia Long" name "Vietnam" (read Vietnam vjətnam) as the name of an official of the country in 1804 [5], a modified name "Nam Viet" (南越 (Viet South) that you used the country's name in its antiquity. [6] In 1839 amended the Emperor "Mang him," the name of the state to "Dai Nam" (ie, the Great South) [7], and then returned again to the name "Vietnam" officially 1945.alasr year old stone, and there are archaeological sites in the province of Thanh Hoa dating to several thousands of years. due archaeologists beginnings of Vietnamese civilization to civilization, "Phong Nguyen," which appeared in the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age, and was centered in the province of Vinh Phu Vietnam since about 2000 to 1400 BC and around 1200 BC Yet the development of rice cultivation and industry casting bronze in the basin of a river basin of the Red River appeared civilization Dong Sun, famous for its use bronze in the manufacture of weapons and tools, have discovered a lot of copper mines old in northern Vietnam, there are some similarities between the sites Dong Sun, and other locations in the Southeast Asia and include the presence of boat-shaped coffins and burial jars, columns or pillars for homes and other simple tools.
Tombs of the Kings in Hue

After the annexation of the Han Dynasty Chinese Vietnam to starting from the year 111 BC, continued to undergo dependency Chinese for a thousand years [8], and there have been attempts at independence, but did not last long, like an attempt sisters Trung and try to Princess Treo, and the longest period of autonomy was between 544 and 602 m from Van Huan during the reign of the first family to me. In 938 AD defeated a Vietnamese leaders of Chinese troops in the battle of "Bach Dang River." Recuperating the country's independence after 10 centuries of Chinese domination [9]. And renamed to Dai Viet (Great Viet), Vietnam has lived its golden age during the reign of my family, "me" and "Tran", has been able to Dai Viet from three attempts to prevent invasion by the Mongols [10]. Buddhism flourished in Vietnam until it became the official religion of the country. Then hit the country during the reign of "the family is" the dominance of China during the Ming Dynasty, but soon Matkhalst of dependency led by Liu Li, founder of the family to me. Vietnam has reached the maximum extension of her family through me in the fifteenth century, particularly the reign of Emperor Li Thanh Tong (1468-1497). Vietnam expanded southward and between atheist century and eighteenth century, during the so-called process of Nam Tien nam tiến or expansion to the south [11]. Until finally invaded the Kingdom of Jamba (Kingdom of Cambodia) and parts of the Khmer kingdom [12] [13].


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