Music , camln it bring some effects in you

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Music , music , music

Web all listen to it 

In bad times slow music and in good times rocking .

It feels like music is controlling our life .but have you ever thought what effects can it put through you.

Today I am going to tell about it'd advantages a's it does not have any disadvantages...

1. IT INCREASES YOUR MEMORY- in a researchit has been proven that both slow and fast music improves memory.

2. YOU DON'T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE WHEN LISTENING TO MUSIC- while listening to music it controls your emotions. 

3. IT MAKES YOU MOTIVATED- when you listen to music there is an adreneline rush in your body which gives you energy.

4. IT PASSES TIME FAST- in a reserch while listening to music a person feels only melody which cuts time for the person.

5. IT'S A GREAT STRESS RELIVER - everyone knows that music is the best cure of stress. 



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