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Do you know what would do me good right now, and probably you too- a big ol potluck and jam sesh.

Who wants to make some music?
Get some friends together, pick your favorite songs, be present, be happy, be you.

Sing, dance, play your hearts out! Out in the green fields with the warming sun or around a first bonfire on a chilly night lit up by the moon.

Let's sing, let's dance, let's play!

Now, tomorrow, forever in our own ways. Let's provide ourselves the space to be authentically open, alive and free. Let's create the environment we've been longing for. Let's build community, connections and friends.

Let's love and love, and be loved.

I want you to be happy.
I'm happy, very very happy that I get to live & be with my lover and best friend, creating-being-sharing our musical tunes.

I want this something to also happen to you.

Create, love, be, and live!

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My name is Shanto and i am from Bangladesh.I like to use social networking site very much and bitlanders is best.

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