Music helps to remember

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A recent study revealed that music helps dementia patients to recover memories , but do not be a cure for dementia or Alzheimer 's .

The researchers pointed out that it can be for people with Alzheimer's disease , that they loosen their nerves , and that listening to soothing music to remember .

He explained Dan Koha , the founder of the memory and music charity , that silence leads to the entry in the maze of dementia , but using music players dementia patients can restore parts of the memory , and through listening to music of the beloved person with Alzheimer's disease .

He emphasized that listening to music helps Alzheimer's patients to begin to talk and smile and stimulate the emergence of feeling inside them singing and dancing and the consequent re- remembering.

He explained Dan Koha that means listening to music help not to engage in a maze of dementia , but not a cure because there's no way for the return of the memory cells that have been destroyed , but the music has the ability to penetrate the depths of the brain and reduce the impact of dementia that affects five million Americans .

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