Music My life!!!!

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Today I am going to write on music.

My best hobby and + my life without music I can’t even start my day.

Music is in my blood.

Music always suits our mood sometimes we love sad songs and something happy so its all depend on our mood.

There are many type of music.

Few I am sharing with you all:-

• Blues Music:-

                         There are many different types of blues music. Best known the Delta blues, Piedmont blues, Jump blues and Chicago blues styles.

• Classical Music:-


                                 There are different types of classical music: the most recognizable are symphony, opera, choral works, chamber music, Gregorian chant and the madrigal.

• Country Music:-

                              Country music is American popular music that started in the rural regions of the Southern United States. It has developed from southeastern American folk music, Western cowboy.

• Electronic Music:-

                                   Types of electronic music were primarily created with electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology.

• Jazz Music:-

New Orleans jazz began as brass band performances of gospel songs and marches. With this came along the formation of the big bands, such as the great jazz pianist and bandleader William Basie.

• Latin Music:-

                          There are hundreds different types and rhythms of Latin music including mainstream ones such as Salsa, Tango, Meringue and Brazilian music, as well as traditional rhythms like Andean music, Puerto Rican Bomba, Cuban Son and Musica Llanera.

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