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Hi Guys

As I've finally got some free time to myself I thought I'd give you guys an update on everything whats going and the how the past 2/3 weeks have been treating me.

First of all we managed to finish RELOAD'S video 5AM IN WOLVERHAMPTON on time and is now live on Youtube via P110'S page. You can watch it here... 

The reviews we seem to be getting off it is very positive and I believe in 4 days it has gained over 5000 views which is showing huge promise.

Last night I worked at the event put on by OMG STAFFS called TRANSMISSION, a very small gig but neither the less was a great project to be on. I had the chance to record three artists such as JAY RODGER, DOCTADEE SCARLETT ARCADE. That `project is currently in its Post Production stages.

Another little thing which put a smile on my face was that my OUTLOOK FESTIVAL video finally hit 10,000 views on Youtube. A huge step for me as I was only hoping for 5000 max.

Now, onto my new film, LOVE & LUST. Currently coming to the end of pre production (my initial plan was to blog whilst going through my pre production work but became overwhelmed with work) anyway, everything seems to be going fine and the shooting day is scheduled for 12th November on the Tuesday (scary times) but also very exciting. I managed to acquire two lovely actors for the film Erica & Marco and they as enthusiastic about the product as I do, which always a promising sign.

I'm going to be shooting on the beach in NEW BRIGHTON right next to the very well put together MARINE POINT retail park, the location is great surrounded by shops for food and water, everything seems covered and its a perfect location for me.

I will continue updating as the film goes on, hopefully through production and post, you will definitely hear from me when the film is near its release.

Future Plans have linked Me and Dominic Mathewson up to work on another video with SOPHIELOU, the RNB singer from Wolverhampton who we had previously worked with and we really look forward to that project but for now, that seems to be everything.

You will hear from me soon!!!!


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