Musings of a Wayward Philosopher

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Musings of a Wayward Philosopher endeavors to blend free market economics with sound personal finance and personal wellness principles to illustrate a particular outlook on life that enabled the author to reduce clutter and insecurities while embracing the finer things life has to offer. This collection of essays places a heavy emphasis on the merits of private capital, asset allocation, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness with an emphasis on self-empowerment. The inaugural volume also investigates the lost art of non-intervention and demonstrates the inner strength that can be discovered once one learns to focus only on that which he can control. You will find this text to be direct, uncensored, and brutally honest, often flying in the face of accepted conventional wisdom with the perspective presented.

Musings of a Wayward Philosopher: Volume 1 covers some important developments, both private and public. The essays in this volume observed the author's first and only daughter being born right at home - directly into her father's hands. They watched as oil plummeted below $50 per barrel and they gritted their teeth as the U.S. national debt eclipsed $18 trillion. These essays explored methods of child-rearing and education and they caught a glimpse of a developing cultural shift out of the corner of their eye. They sneered at the continued deformation of free markets and free enterprise while offering individual solutions to help you navigate the budding financial risks.

Volume 1 essays analyzed the collapse of two U.S. colleges and posited that there will be more to come when the student loan bubble finally bursts. The essays then investigated the steps taken by the author to escape the rat race and become an entrepreneur full-time. The essays watched another Greek crisis unfold and they suggested that most western nations have the same debt and demography problems thus will ultimately experience a similar crack-up. These essays passionately called out Modernity for its flaws, conceits, and injustices and presented Peaceful Parenting as powerful liberator for Generation Next. Finally, Volume 1 concludes with an essay about disintermediating the domineering third parties from your life and then it looks specifically at allopathic medicine and the clamor for universal health care.

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