Muslims for Peace

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As a practicing Muslim,I find it a duty upon myself to relay the true meaning and message of Islam to my friends and the rest of the world,in the face of a few fanatic groups who claim to represent or carry the name of Islam,and the negative propaganda and stereotyping that follows.
Islam respects everybody's rights as humans that deserve to be respected and left to live in peace side by side,
Who ever you are,and whatever faith you follow,you are absolutely free to think and decide for yourself,that's why Allah gave everyone the full capacity to think,ponder,and decide,and non human,muslim or not,should have the right to judge or prosecute others for deciding how to live their life and what kind of belief to follow,and anyone that thinks or acts otherwise doesn't even know what Islam is really about,let's respect each other as humans and live in peace,and leave judgement for the one an only judge.


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