Muslims now days

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i am a Muslim and as a muslim i try to be as good of an example to others as i can. i try to pray 5 times a day even though i have classes all day long. and also read the Quran. if i wanted to convince a non muslim about Islam i dont force him. As my prophet (PBUH) did he never forced anyone to join, he moved them with his actions. we dont force them. And any way to ask someone to join Islam you first have to be a good muslim yourself. you have to ask yourself am i a good muslim???


do i read all my prayers? do i read Quran? do i give charity to the poor?? these are the questions you should ask yourself before asking someone else. But it is sad for me to say that there are muslims in this world who are gifted of being muslims by birth but take it as granted. they dont pray, the dont read Quran, they dont help out the poor. it is a sad site to see. but i wont lie their is one month where all the muslims in the world become good, a month when each and everyone becomes an angel. the holy month of Ramadan. in this blessed month people pray extra and follow all the rules of Allah. But as soon as the month ends everything returns to normal. this is not right. this world is temporary everything we hold dear to us will disapear.only our actions will be left behind.

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