Mussels sauteed jackfruit

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Mussels sauteed with fleshy fleshy meeting of young jackfruit and sweet oyster bar. Simple, easy to make but very attractive!


Mussel meat: 150g
Boiled Jackfruit: 150g
Roasted sesame seeds: 2M
Chilli horn: 1 left
Chilli powder: 1 m
Fresh water technology: 2M
Basil slip
Minced lemongrass: 1m
Onion: 3 tubers
Pepper, vegetable oil

1 Pre-processing:
- Mit ripping yarn, seasoned with 1 / 3m Aji-ngon® granules, 1/2 m chilli powder, little pepper, to penetrate.
- Meat mussels to remove sand rinse, drain.
- Chili horns cut fibers. Slip basil slice. Sliced ​​onion.

2 Implementation:
- Non-1M lemongrass scented with onion chopped, 1/2 m paprika, for fried clams, the next meeting stir, seasoning Aji-ngon® 1m granules, 1 / 3m AJI-NO-fresh flour and water MOTO® turmeric fry until the water gone down, jack permeability spices, taste the taste, turn off the heat, add basil stir slip.

3 How to use:
- To jack up disk sprinkle roasted sesame seeds, chili pepper horns and little more. Served with roll or prawn crackers are delicious.


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