Mutan ka Jwan(episode#10)

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Mutan ka Jwan(episode#10)

Multan police reached on department and set a plan. Then they went to minister’s home, two police men entered in the room and have hidden himself behind the hanger cloth and when the Minister entered in the washroom then both police men came near to his cell phone and made a call to the IG of Punjab police and spoke him with the voice of minister,”IG come back to his places and not more need for them.”I.G replied,”ok sir,yes sir.”

Then both police men escaped the sim and install the sim in cell after damage. When all Punjab police came back. At that time Baloach was very shock and call to minister but call was not responding. Then he changed his mind for shoot to the Hero.

But at that time Hero’s brother reached here with bike and with his friend and beat to gundays one to one. And Hero,Heroine became very happy. Hero’s brother beat the knife to the rope of his brother after escaped from his right leg shoe.And rope cutt off and hero beat the leg to the Baloach his mouth and pulled his pistol and shoot the gunday but Baloach began to run away.

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