Mutan ka Jwan(episode#4)

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But Saqib said to Hero,”dost, I am not interest in the jobs.Iam intersting in beautifull girls.” Hero give a smile on his joke. At that time one girls passed away. Saqib saw her with surprise eyes. And he said to her,”what you love me?”In the replied he beat his mouth with hand and he went to way.Then hero said to him with smile,”very funny baby.”In the replied Saqib said,”I understand her for love because he passed away with me,and give a smile.” At that time son of khan of Multan reached with five boys and son of khan of Multan said to five boys,”boys beat to both.”All boys beat but Saqib and hero broke her neck,hand,back bone and legs with a great fight. Then son of khan of Multan beat to hero and Saqib.And hero stop to beat son of khan of Multan.But Zahid very beat to them.They could not beat him because their father was very nobel man. On that time Zahid’s sister(Heroine) reached and said to his brother,”please,brother stop,stop,stop.I love him.”After he heared of love,he stop to beat and went to way.On his going Nawaz gull also reached here and crying for them with shocked.Heroine and nawa Gull stand up them and took them to doctor.

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