Mutan ka Jwan(episode#6)

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Mutan ka Jwan(episode#6)

Then his father said to hero,”son,thanks,son thanks.” When he erase his lenzes then his father saw him and said,”why are fill tears of you? Who are you?” Then he said, “I am son of you, your Shahzad,inspector in Multan police.” After he hearing the name of Shahzad,his eyes filled with tears.And he met wih him heart to heart. And his mother and elder brother also met with heart to hert. And said to him,where you had been gone.Son,please you come with me in your Home.” Hero said them,” no, no, no.”

His father said to him, “why?” He heared them all story of Saqib and Nawaz Gull,and Khan of Multan and his lover.Then he went from here.

On The_Next_Day .his mother went to his son and said to Nawaz Gull and Saqib,”please you understand them for come back to his home.”

After he saying, she went from the Nawaz Gull. Then Hero came to home. When he drink water. He understand for his came back to home. Then his eyes filled his eyes and came back to his home. On his reached home, his mother, father and his elder brother was nvery happy wih filling tears of eyes.


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