Mutan ka Jwan(episode#7)

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Mutan ka Jwan(episode#7)
On the next day, Heroine’s brother come to the home of hero.He excused for poor behaviour with them and said to the hero,”I did’t now that my sister love with you.”
And he met with another and give excused to him. When Zahid went to his home and said to his mother,”you will make her son to Shahzad after the marriage of Shahzad and know they are love with another.” His mother said to Zahid, “ Shahzad is very good person and nobel boy but it is not possible.” Zahid asked to his mother,”Why? Why? Why?” His mother to Zahid Your Uncle is very dangerous man,and he never accept him. Zahid said to his mother,” Why uncle jabbar has a problem?” His mother said to his son,”I do not know.” Jabbar heard all the talking of Zahid and his mother. At that time his father also come here but Jabbar has been shooted Zahid and his mother.And at that time His father also reached and started to crying with a shock.and said to driver.”driver,escaped a car.”And said to his brother,”you are not a man,you are very poor,why you kill my son and my wife? Why? why? why?

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