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Front Net-cover of Split AC

Front NET-cover of split AC


            a)- First of all I opened the new part and selected the “front datum” for making the net cover of the AC and then selected the “rectangle tool” from the front window and made the rectangle of poor dimension.

For making the dimensions correct I entered the value 9.8 for horizontal and 2 for the vertical range. And agreed with the “features” and set the depth value 0.02.


b)- I again clicked on the “sketcher” and selected the front of the rectangle and  then selected the “reference line” and set and draw another rectangle on the front surface of the cover and placed on the middle of the cover and set the horizontal value 9.7 and vertical value 1.8 and then set the direction inwards and removed “materials”.


c)- Once again I clicked on the “sketcher” and use the front surface of the rectangle ring shaped object and made their side as a references for sketching the “pattern” linings.


d)- I selected the “rectangle tool”  and draw the narrow rectangle like line shaped of the same length as rectangle ring and set the vertical value 0.2 and the clicked the “check” and then entered the value 0.2 again for the depth of the line rectangle and set the features.


e)- I patterned that rectangle line shaped  over the whole cover along x-axis by using “pattern” and entered 40 for the number of lines and made the gap of 0.2 an accepted the shape.


f)- At the end I have made two screw posts just in the middle of sides of the net cover for “assembling” the part with the main part or base part i.e. AC Case/ cover.

Thus we have a net- front cover produced like shown in the above diagram.


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