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Life without aim is just like a word without meanings, a baby without soul, a lamp without light and an eye without sight. This is the aim that distinguishes us from animals to human. Aim in the life gives us a proper shape and direction to our abilities and energies. It works as a motive force.

 Our aims of life, sometimes, change according to the time. I can clearly remember that I wished to be a king of universe when I was a baby. But at this time, I am feeling that my past idea was based upon innocence. As i grew up, I became more realistic and less romantic. Now, as a college student, I have decided to become a lecturer.
 Teachersare the greatest benefactors of humanity. They show us light in darkness. All Prophets and Preachers, Saints and Sages, Thinkers and law givers are basically teachers. Teachers are the mind-makers and character builders of a certain nation. Only teachers can serve a nation better than a teacher. Doctors and engineers, civil and military servants, speakers and writers are the makers of a nation. But a teacher is the maker of all these makers.
 I have decided to become a teacher because it is according to my taste and personality. I am peace loving by nature. I am fond of learning and imparting knowledge. I have ability to express myself beautifully both in speech and writing. This profession is very respectful and honorable. This profession has no corruption and exploitation. A teacher is loved and respected everywhere and by everyone.

 A doctor cures diseases. An industrialist produces various things for human necessities. A farmer grows food for the nation. An engineer builds roads, buildings and bridges. A soldier defends the border of his motherland. A police man controls the crimes. All of them are very important. But teacher is the most important because he gives true moral values to us.


 In a profession, the surroundings, in which a body has live and work, count much. Police people have to live in criminals. Engineers have to live in lifeless tools and machines. Doctors have live in disease, dirt and death. Lawyers have to live in fraud and falsehood. Civil servants have to live in piles of files. But a teacher lives in the best atmosphere of the world. It is the atmosphere of the health, nobility and cheerfulness. He lives with cheerful people. So he remains ever young, ever cheerful and ever green.

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