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I will start by saying I am sorry.

I want to apologize to the bitLanders team, to Miss Hillary of course and to the rest because of the article I had posted last night about the late reviews of the articles. I was concerned on my buzz scores and that was the reason why I had posted that.

The thing is, I had not received the interactive screen about the blog content results and of course, I had the impression that the blog was never been reviewed. Well, after Miss Mauryr from bitLanders had commented on my blog post, I checked the link and found out that it has been reviewed already. Now that was a total surprise.

I don't really know when was it reviewed and so I am saying this again, I am sorry if I didn't check the link before posting the said blog.

Please do accept my apologies and I promise to double check every blog that I have submitted before sending out my sentiments in the future.

Hopefully this will clear things up!

More power bitLanders!

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