My Best Friend

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“Friendship is not a newly relation but it is fast between Allah and Musa”.

Man is only social animal. He cannot live alone. He develops relation with fellow being and makes friends .A true friend is a blessing of God. Sometimes we are miserable as weather. In such occasion a true friend is like medicine of life.

“A Friend Is One Who Makes You Happy When You Are Sad, Who encourage you When You Are Discouraged’.

Friendship is one of best kind of social behavior which gives happiness; therefore a true friendship is a sound health. Best friends listen to whatever he don’t say we share all are matters with them.

“A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself”.

I am thankful to go that He blessed me such a good friend I have found all the good qualities of a science friend. He is my class fellow. He comes from noble and educated family. He is smart and active. A pleasant smile always place on her face. He has good manners which enhance her beauty.

“A Man Without A Friend Is Just Like A Body Without A Soul”.

He always stands by me in the time of need proving that “A real friend one who walks in when the rest of world walks out”.

I can share all my secrets with her. He gives me guidance. My friend is a good Muslim. He is sympathetic and kind hearted. He often lends to needy student and never demands back. He always helps others. He respects all her elder and teachers in to in short he has all the qualities of good human being. She is a naughty fellow. Sometimes he gives such funny points that I can’t hold laughing. I feel bless in her company the truly reflects the same,

“A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed.”

“A person who does not have money is not poor but a person who does not have sincere friend is poor”.