My Birds New Home Part I

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When my aunt's kids left for Canada years ago, we were left with a cage of 3 love birds, those birds died long ago already so my mom bought replacement one after another and now we are down with a pair and i have named them Snow and Sunny.

But Snow and Sunny keeps pecking their house that it's almost bare already. Thinking that the wet season is on the way i have decided to make a house. It fits only one bird just like their old one.

1) popsicle sticks
2) glue stick
3) nylon

I made the house roof first, then i made the walls attach it to the roof, finally i made the floor, attached it to the walls. Then to make the craft stronger i tied all the popsicles with nylon like a crosstitch.
It took only 3 hours to finish.




Next day i told my Father to attach the new house i made into the bird cage. Unfortunately, the house' been sitting there so long already i never saw Snow or Sunny on it not even once, until last Sunday. Sunny was on it, and he wont fly away even if im close taking his picture.
I was very happy to see my craft being appreciated.

Sunny inside the house that i made. Lol the house is almost "eaten" already :)

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