My Bitcoin and Bitlanders Story

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This is my story of when and how did  I met bitcoins. I am actually a type of person who is so curious about many things, especially the ones I can see on the internet world, that is why I got my current part time job which is freelancing. I spend almost half of my day surfing the net. One day as I was checking my facebook account, I saw a post of a stranger about this BITCOIN wallet, he said I can earn real money without spending a dime because of my curiosity I quickly searched the google about this virtual currency, to my surprise 1 bitcoin cost about 250 US dollars. I thought its just a scam thing so I searched for more and find out that this currency is real and existing. So I quickly download the link given by the stranger, there I discover a virtual wallet where I can put the virtual currency which I can actually convert to my local currency.

Because of this much curiosity in mind, I started searching for more and found some games that you could actually earn bitcoins. The first game that I downloaded was COIN FLAPPER, its like a flappy bird game which i think is very addictive. You can download this game at the playstore for android users only. You earn some bitcoin here. Another one, I use some BITCOIN FAUCET, one of my favorite faucet is FREE BITCOIN application that you could also download at the playstore and I also tried some gambling games like pocket dice its enjoyable but you have to be responsible, because you can win or loose bitcoins. These are my first hand knowledge about bitcoin.

I thought this are the ONLY enjoyable past time to earn bitcoin but one day it changed. My boyfriend and I went to an anniversary party, I introduce bitcoin to my friend but to my surprise she told me that she already knew about bitcoin, in fact she already earned some. She showed me BITLANDERS, she introduces bitlanders to me, she said by simply posting some contents like photos, videos and making blogs  you can earn bits. So I was shocked and said WOW, its just like facebook, you get paid by interacting/ socializing with other people in the world. Immediately after the party I registered an account and downloaded the app. I am very happy to meet BITLANDERS. I meet a lot of friends and they paid me for that. Another thing I love about Bitlander is that It helps a lot of people because we can donate for the charities!  Nothing is more enyoyable than this. Logging in here everyday makes me happy, we can earn extra rewards. Thanks a lot BITLANDERS! Cheers!



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