My BitLanders Earnings for 2/24/2015 | February - Tuesday

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Hello again fellow BitLanders, I am happy to read your comments from my previous blog that you enjoyed reading them. Since you asked for more, I might probably publish two posts today.

To get you motivated, here's the screenshot of my earnings today:

My earnings keeps on growing "day-by-day" and I'm so very happy about it.

My Accomplished Activities Today (2/24/2015)

Just like what everyone does, I spend most of my free-time "Buzzing" anyone around especially those people who visits my profile then left some buzzes and comments. They are actually my first priority that needs to be visited.

When it comes to buzzing, I really enjoyed turning that "Blue" buttons into "Oranges". I remember the time on my very first day here at BitLanders that a certain member was asking me to give him some "Oranges". I really have no idea about what he meant. Oranges? Where do I get it? Later on, I came to realize that Oranges means to give him a buzz.

When it comes to commenting, I always make sure that the comments I left are relevant to the topic. Although, I often encounter a lot of other short comments who asks for buzzes or subs in return.

I also did shared some good contents particularly interesting videos and photos into my FaceBook account.

Amazing Results of my Activities

BitLanders keeps on surprising me every day. If you are going to check my MicroBlog post, I had achieve my highest "Plus Score" which was "+41". My total buzz score at that time was "82".

After a few hours, I refreshed my browser and my total buzz score got updated. It suddenly gave me a very shocking result. My current total buzz score is now at "90". I was thinking that this was probably a mistake.

The Leaderboard Update

If my total buzz score had increased then so as my ranking from the Leaderboard. So I immediately checked the page and again, I was surprised to see that my avatar's head took the 24th spot! (They also change the highlight into "Blue" which is now much readable as compared to the previous "Red" background)

I could see a lot of other active users who joined several months and years ago with thousands of subscribers below me. I'm not boasting myself around but I'm simply puzzled or confused about why I deserve more credits than them.

One case that I came across is "Grace-Feminazestapo". I can see that she's an active member of the community with more than 2k plus subscribers. On one of her MicroBlog, Grace claimed that she's exerting daily effort but yet, her earnings is going down. Despite of that, she claims that she's happy about it which is obviously not.

I would really love to help solve her problems out because somebody, I might face the same kind of situation. So when this time comes, at least I already knew what to do.

Moreover, you should check my other posts which discusses all about the latest updates of BitLanders.

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