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When I saw that Bitlanders offered additional bonuses for making a blog about Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) I immediately thought to participate in providing my support for a good cause.

As I entered the investigation of to supply my logbook, I was realizing the great social impact that this Foundation has.

I am convinced that actions like that; Those take by Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) in favor of children who have suffered because of diseases, natural disasters, wars, deformations, which marked their innocent lives with pain and suffering; they represent exemplary actions that all human beings should imitate.

What is Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF)?

Elissa Montanti in 1997 was inspired by the letter of a child who had been maimed by a land mine. This woman of great heart decided at that moment his contribution, which later becomes a found of global reach, which gives support to children with difficult problems in their lives, all free of charge.

Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) is dedicated to helping kids with physical injuries caused by the incidence of disease, encounters with violence, wars, and natural disasters. Such injuries can be amputations, deformities, Burns, loss of eyes, etc. This support gives children, favor providing them with prosthetics, surgery and the necessary therapies.

Morning Joe One womans quest to help one child at a time.  video credit: The Global Medical Relief Fund Via YouTube Channel

Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) does a great job in favor of children around the world. It is undeniably Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) leave a trail as a great institution.

Since its inception, and now with the motto "one child at a time" has helped hundreds of children with multiple needs and this number continues to grow thanks to the support of institutions and individuals who have contributed their bit to this cause.

Helping children is priceless. His support in the "Dare To Dream House" helps them to reinstate in their communities. It helps them to know other people, like them, suffering similar injuries. It helps them to know that they are not alone. It helps them play, smile and be kids again.

Philanthropists, doctors, institutions, foundations, international organizations have given their support to this Found to make this continue contributing in this way.

Impact on families

Thanks to this contribution, the families of those affected may give a break because their children can return to normal.

The beneficiaries return to their schools, return to share with their friends with dignity and without feeling shame for something that wasn't their fault.



Mothers weep to see again the faces curing children's after years.

Families receive new hope

Help, your can!

This Foundation accepts the help of a number of institutions and individuals around the world who provide logistical and financial support so that it can perform its humanitarian actions. This makes it possible that anyone interested can contribute in the way that will make it.


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This objective has been opened several ways help capture. Among them we can mention:

- You can make checks payable in the name of "The Global Medical Relief Fund" and send them to the address 112 MacFarland Avenue. Staten Island, NY 10305

- From the website of donations from the found that is with the credit card or PayPal.

- Also, Stock that you can donate by contacting Veronica Vazquez by phone 718-448-6984 or email

Or just do it here on bitlanders' options for donations. As I already did.


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How does it work?

Imagine there is a hurt child in the Dominican Republic that needs some help.

In a case of the hurt need to be treated at a United State's hospital, the found makes the duties with the embassy to carry the child. It asks for airlines make donations and, when the child is at The United States, there is a place to be in, named ''Dare to Dreamhouse''. 

Every cost are covered by them at Global Medical Relief Found (GMRF)



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Upcoming events

currently, the Found is organizing an event for Wednesday, April 5, 2017. This event with the name of "evening of hope" will be an awards dinner. shall be held in "Li Greci completo� Staaten, 697 forest avenue." Staten Island, New York, from 6:30 Pm to 9:30 pm.

This great event will be held with the aim of providing awards to different personalities who are being honored for theirevening_of_hope

credit image: Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno
via Bitlanders 

contributions to the Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF).

Honored persons are categorized in the following list:

Francesco Rulli the founder and president of bitLanders,bitCharities, and Querlo.
Carol Williamson

Tara Moretti
Guard Family

Mamise (Mimi) coast
Matthew Cintula

Lauren LaRocco-Edwards

Source: Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno. via : Bitlanders 

Those wishing to participate in this event can do so by clicking this button: learn more


This foundation has a huge reason to exist: the children.

It is the children who have imbued this idea and it is the children of the whole world who have been benefited.

You as an individual can contribute in the way you feel it from the depths of your heart.

Do your part and the children will thank you with an innocent smile.


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