My Boyfriend Eats So Slowly

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I wonder why my boyfriend eats so slowly compared to me. I expect him to eat more than I do because he's a man. I always force him to eat more and faster, but he fails every time. I'm quite disappointed because he is thin and looks unhealthy.

But he said he is not like that before. It just happened after he stayed in a hospital for two months and after he had recovered from his sickness. He has taken a vitamin supplement before to boost his appetite, but he still eats slowly, although he eats more food now.

He has gone to an ENT physician to have his throat checked for possible obstruction because we heard his condition is possibly dysphagia, a condition characterized by difficulty swallowing. 

This problem is also the reason why he is afraid to take tablets and capsules, because he said he had many experiences where the medicines are trapped somewhere in his throat, which caused his phobia of taking medicines.

When the ENT checked his throat, there is nothing seen in there, except for some kind of inflammation, which has been treated after he took the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Some of our friends say it is just psychological.

I hope some of you can shed light on this problem. Thanks.

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