My childhood dream:)

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When i was a little girl ,my favorite cartoon is about 2 chipmunks ( i forgot the title) they always picked apples and keep it in their house where they live in a hole of a branch of the tree,, they have plenty of apples some are falling down coz it's just too much, then i start to dream about apples ,i want to taste it, it sweet ?..or sour ? almost everynight i dream about apples, that time we dont have apple in our city(nobody's selling it) we live in a very small city only one big sugarcane mill company, no fastfood as in nothing :) and i heard from my friend whose parents workin the Sugarcane Mill that they have apples every christmas, and they call it washington apples,maybe it comes from Washington USA. So as i grow up ,things getting better,our City also getting better have  fastfoods now and some big grocery store and yes have apples already for sale :) so no need of waiting , i tasted the apple :) lol and yah it's okey the taste, i dont ate too much just a bite :) So when we moved here in Germany andmy husband told me that theres a lot of apple tree here, i was super duper excited ,i cant wait for summer (we arrived here during winter) so when summer arrived my husband just laugh at me, every apple tree that i saw with apples on it i just took photos :) Yah that's my childhood dream and i think it's called in Social Media Bucketlist :) @eneri

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