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I just want to share my experience in taking up the Civil Service Exam (CSE). 

Civil Service Exam is not just an ordinary exam. It is a kind of exam, specially for Filipinos who wants to work in the government and for those who are already employed in the government to be promoted and have a high serving position. 

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What is Civil Service Exam?

A entrance examination that prepares the applicant to be ready in working in various kind of work in the government and to have additional jobs to choose from. 

There are two kinds of levels in Civil Service Exam, the Professional - for second level positions and the Sub-Professional for first level positions.

Two modes of Civil Service Exam. The CSE-PPT (Civil Service Exam - Paper and Pencil Test) - manual mode of answering and CSE Comex (Computer Examination) - new mode of exam that have to registered online.

Filing of Application

  1. At least 18 years old and up of age. 
  2. Must be a Filipino citizen 
  3. Have a good moral character, have no criminal record, have no offensive final judgement and or crime.
  4. Must not have yet taken in the last 3 months of the same level exam. 

There are requirements needed when filing the application. 

  1. Fill out the application form, the CSC Form 100.

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  2. 4 pieces recent passport sized photo with name and signature.

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  3. Valid Ids. If the valid Id doesn't have a date of birth, bring the NSO birthcertificate.
  4. Appointment letter (CSE Comex).
  5. Exam fee of 500 pesos. 

 I file in the CSE-PPT (Civil Service Exam - Paper and Pencil Test). 

When I was filing I don't know where to go so I asked my cousin who already take the exam who did not pass where to file. She told me to go to the Quezon City hall. So I did and file my application. When I was filing my application, my passport sized Id is not qualified because it doesn't have name and signature, and I have to take again but in the ground floor of the building and they exactly take a photo with name and signature that needed. Lesson learned on that part. Haha! 

On the day of Examination

I file my application two months before the exam date, so I have plenty of time to review. But I was lazy when I see my reviewer. Its too many questions inside that I have to answer. I did a few but I didn't finish answering the reviewer. I just look for a group on facebook  that are reviewing and posting questions regarding the exam and requested to be a member. 

When the day came, I was nervous because It's my first time to take and I don't really know exactly where my school assignment is. But I was sure that is near my former school where I graduated. So, I ask my if they know how to go to the school I was looking for and they gave me directions. I followed the directions and I arrived safely and exactly to the venue. 

I already brought the needed things to the exam:

  1. Black ball pen.
  2. Id
  3. Official receipt given when I was filing the application; and
  4. My self. Haha! 

    We we're the first batch who use the black ball pen in the exam. I knew it after I take the exam. Before they used pencil. 

When I was already in the I room the we're two women whom I think are our proctor for the exam. They assist and check us individually to be sure of our room assignment, name and exact seat assigned. At exactly 8:10am we started answering the exam. The proctor told us that the exam needed to be finished at exactly 11:20am. Approximately, we answered for 3 hrs and 10 minutes. 

Answering the exam is not easy. It takes time to analyze the question and look for the best answer. Not exactly but the best. 

After the exam, we have to wait for for 41 days to get the results. So, Dec. 1-3 2016, the results will be given. I just have to wait patiently and hope that I passed. 

Thank you for reading. :) 

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