my college principal is a us spy

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Having the utmost respect and trust on educational institutions seems to be shattering for me, I always believed that college time is the best experience for any student. In an Islamic country, the honor, respect for teachers and high rank administrator particularly in educational institutions is at its peak, my case wasn't different until the news struck me yesterday about my college Principal being a US spy. 

"How shocking this news is, I cannot explain in words".

Edwardes College, built in 1906 is the most prestigious college in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. It really is an honor to be selected in a college with beautiful history. David L. Gosling served as the Principal for three years from 2007-2010, he wrote great on the subject on Indo-Pak subcontinent. For one year, Sir Naseem Haider was the acting principal that is when a retired Bishop, Titus Presler accepted the offer to administer Edwardes for three years.

Our lectures used to be conducted at noon, we often used to sit and discuss different topics during our breaks, most of them at the college canteen with a cup of tea. He seemed to be a very interesting personality, having good knowledge on human behavior, he talked mostly about the Afghans and Pashtun Culture. He even learned many Pashto words.

I really wished to interact and discuss topics regarding my curriculum and human behavior however I had to consider my options for further studies and got selected for my masters in Lahore.

Yesterday, in Kabul a friend of mine, a current Edwardes College student on his facebook profile shared the shocking news of our Principal Titus Presley being a confirmed US spy. He also shared a local newspaper's article. Within minutes many other students shared the same news and started commenting on this controversial figure.

I believe no act can be more shameful than this, I believe none can disgrace more the respected position. All I can say is, welldone for this shameful act to the most civilised nation.

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