My day isn't that good

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Ay parang giniginaw lang ang peg? haha Galit po yan...

I am so dissappointed about my phone because the OS has a defect just last night.. trying to figure out what's wrong since i just make a restart on it when I feel like it respond so slow and always lagging and when I turned it on BOOM! it's not anymore responding. Is it because of my unlimited selfie's that make it lag and not responding? OMG with a GG!

Since my phone us just 5 months old so expected I still have 1 year warranty and I went to the store and see what they can do about it.. Then the sales lady said, "We need to service this and have to send to Manila for the defect and it will cost like 1-3months waiting time.. OOOOOMMMMMGHHEEEERD! 3 months reallly? Fooooseeettt... Then i said okay I'll think about it because 3 months is such a long time waiting.. haha

Maybe gonna go to somewhere like phone repair and just install another software.. I think My classmate know something about it or gonna do it myself. 

Okay my face right at that moment is like same face with the photo!! HAHA


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