My Dream (How Bloggers Write)

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When sit down to write I think about what I want to write about. I just don't start guns a blazing just typing random things, I sit down ponder about it. A lot of things are interesting in this world but I want to be compelling to my audience. Also want current and consistent I don't just want to stop or take breaks, I want to continue to write... but about what? I could go on about movies TV or video games. Or environmental issues or economical issues. I could talk about the projects I have my head in the projects I really want to accomplish. I could talk about my hopes my dreams. With writing you can talk about anything, you could even make up things stories that aren't true. But what I write think about you, the audience a particular audience member. Whenever somebody reads what I write, whenever somebody watches what I create. Any content with any feedback, when I get a message I think about that. I envy those who have following, I envy those who are able to keep the followers following and have a successful Fan base. My hopes one day is to keep putting out amazing content constantly and continue to get Fans and I will love you my Fans with the out right most respect because they are helping me and I am helping them. This is my dream I'm going to work towards it every single day until it comes true,



~ Josh Presuto

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My name is Josh Presuto and have a burning passion for film. PostProduction is my craft I am certified in Final Cut, Adobe After Effects and, Premier. I am also starting to learn Avid. I've been making and editing my own videos since I was ten and will continue to…

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