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So, on my quest to become a beekeeper I have really started  to learn more about being a beekeeper ,the dangers ,the equipment and how to manage the bees. I have started watching videos on YouTube and I have learned many things like how to install a package of bees ,where I get my bees ,how to build my makeshift beehive, how to extract the honey from the honeycomb and many other things .

             The thing about bees and honey is you have to be very patient and you have to really monitor the bees .You need to monitor the queen bee to see if she wants to make more bees or wants to make honey .The queen bee has a special time when she decides to lay her eggs ,which force the workers to stop making honey .When all the eggs have hatched then the workers may continue making honey .

            The good thing  about having bees is that you feed them 3lbs of sugar water a day and after two weeks they give you about 25lbs of honey in return .Another good thing about having bees in St.Lucia  is that in other places like the states they have winter and we don’t .An apiarist is someone who studies bees ,most apiarists conclude that 30% of your bees die during the winter and also during the winter the bees stop producing honey .


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