My experience in MACH with "Digital Citicen Fund"

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I arrived to  Mano Amiga de Chalco in first for grade school, my brother arrived one year before in kínder and my parents saw that my my brother was really passionate about  the school and i the decided to take to  MACH with him, I was not that happy at the first sight but then everything changed, In the  first year of the school, for my was difficult to get used to the schedule,It was different, when i got to  the Junior High school Level was totally different, I start  learning  fantastic things. Finally when I arrived to high school i didnt want to study  in Mach but my parents forced me to do that and now i'm really thankful because of that, I  enjoy a 100% all in the school , I have been here in Mano Amigafor  eleven years and I love my school.


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