My experience in Mano Amiga With Digital Citizen Fund

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I entered school when I was 13 years old, I  enter to the  first  grade in high school after a great process, for me it was a big change since I came from a mixed school, and in this school they separate girls from boys, and I have been get along better with boys than with girls, so it was a big change for me, I could not to attach to the style of study, but over time I learned to love this school, the teachers who are trained, the classrooms, the Catholic training that we receive and the moral values that I learned at home.

Thanks to this school I met two great people and my best friend, my best friend Alan , the two had to leave school at the end of the junuior high school level, I have a friend her name is Yacqueline, she is great and fun and gives me  lots of laughs to my days, my school is very cute.

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