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Hey guys , Hope you are fine ....This is not my first blog of this site but today i am sharing with you some of my personal experience with site ( )

Personal Info

My name is Waqas and many of my friends and followers knows me with the name of Wayeez, this is my pet name. I am 25 years old boy not single as well . I love to play games , every time need some new things in my life , love to visit other cities of my home country ( Pakistan ) , i am so moody as well some time little mistake makes me so angry and some time i laughed even on my personal mistakes. Now i am on No. 8 but before a week i was on rank 2 in leaderboard , people love to do chat with me and love my style of work as well.I am not so much familiar of my avator as well. lolz


How i came to this site ?

I came up with a referral to this site but day by day when i am understanding this site its becoming quite good with me. As the best part which i like in earlier days of my joining is that post your opinions , thoughts , pictures , views and videos and take some rewards as well. As that time this was the first site which i really keen to work with and whom with i am also earning.


Introduction of Bitlanders with Founder: Francesco Rulli

                                        video source:


Personally now a days i am also missing bitcoins as well. As in bitcoins there is a big dream for me to complete 1 bitcoin and store it in my wallet. In early days there is no one who guide how to work here only the FAQS, but when i saw that people making buzz deals of 50 , 100 even 200 of each person , that is really a annoying thing for me . but what i have to do at that time because i am also not know much about this site, so i decided to go with the same environment . let' me share with you a quick review about how to create a new account on this site , its so simple  please follow the steps below:-





Hard days of Working

The first suspension of my account was because of buzz deals which are prohibited that time as well as now a days , so before i go ahead more about this blog i personally give you a suggestion do smart working not to waste time on deals sub requests as this can't give you much reward as much you can took by writing a blog and then submit it for review and then the beautiful lady Hillary will check your blog and then gives you the stars, the stars belongs to the buzz score and buzz score gives you more earning as much as you have buzz now i have 176 Buzz and the highest buzz i earn is 220 now i am feeling to go for the highest earner of this site. Second time i was suspend due to some duplicated content for 5 days but this is the time when i was so upset and feeling annoying here but after couple of day i found that i have to write my own content don't like the movies and some thing else as well. so now i am writing my first personal blog .but the best thing which i know i have is courage and not to lose hope as this motivate me again and i came again on No. 2 in World's best Bitlanders here.





Important Factors of this site

1. Upload every time your own stuff like in microblogs you can upload your thoughts , views etc

2. Try not to copy or duplicated content from any source like google, facebook etc

3. Before you go ahead further and start working on this site first read FAQS carefully ( for more info click on the link )

4. No to write in Global Chat in Urdu or other language , only English is the standard language of this site.

5. Write your own stuff in Blogs writing ( so much important )

6. Try to avail all the things which are given in Shop for more buzz score and more earning

7. Do not make the buzz deals or subscription requests in Global Chat, these are prohibited in Bitlanders , you may suspend or disable permanently 

8. As quickly you use this site do verify your account on bitlanders as well for payment activity in future as verified account is so important for withdrawal

9. Do not use the fake documents , name or picture for verification of your account

10. Be fair with all and obey the rules you will get much more as you think


How to Avoid Spammers or Plagiarism 

The best and most important claw or part of this blog is how to stop and not be the part of spamming and plagiarism , guys its so simple as you know about the writers of movies they read and saw many contents for their drama or movie but they do what in they are best , like for blog writing you must be creative . God has gifted all of us with a special mind and ability so why we are doing copy/paste of the things which are made by humans like us.

we have so much talent and with unique abilities so try to focus on new things which make you unique with others. let me share some pictures with you so you can easily understand what is spamming and plagiarism.

Please don't follow these kinds of mistakes which are so much annoying for the admin of this site.I personally try to not copy any content from any source. also Hillary said you can take some part but with quoted form and also mention the source , this helps me so much in my creativity .

"The Plagiarism means that you stole others work and show as yours and passing to others as it your own"

these are few examples of spamming and meaningless post:

                                                                             image courtesy by : Haraka



                                                                     image courtesy by : Haraka



                                                                             image source:


People Who are Always here to Help you


                                                                                                    image edited by : Wayeez



Use like a Social Media or Making some new Friends

Now i am using this site like others social media writing my own thoughts and giving my personal stuff, i made some good buddies on this site not only of my country also from different countries as well e.g Own Muhamamd , Asad Munib,Nadeem, Abdul Weenab, Dilawar, Mirza Alamgir , Mian Mehmood, Muhammad Irfan, Mubashir, Abdul Ali,       Arjun GantsFarrakh and many more and most likely my beautiful and stunning Wife MahiWaqas

love to chat with these buddies and some are too good , they like my thoughts and send comments on them as well. let me share with you a video about our top users and their reviews and discussion about this site:


                                          video source:


Best Part of this Site in My Views

The best thing which i discover in my whole past 6 months that people of any region, religion , country or state they loved each other , they want to share what they have , they want to spread good words with good deeds , they are fully motivated to achieve any goals , they are totally helpful for others , they are feeling proud to be the part of this site not only in this world as in their real life. People wants to earn here , they want to take their fellows with them as well , they always help them to achieve better for their life , people of this site are not in to fight about who wins today's match or what is the best only for them they wish to transfer what they gain here so new people don't repeat the mistakes as we do........Thanks


Hope you guys enjoy my this blog too , as this is based not only on my personal experience also about how to use this site easily and get rid of spamming and follow the rules.

Next time i will come with a new thing which is good for others as well.till then take care and do remember me in your prayers .Bye

Hillary, hope you like this blog too and give me maximum lolz. waiting of some good response.



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