My experience with dating sites

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There are many sites operated from overseas countries all these sites are available to us, because in local they have admin facility to arrange and organize. I tried a site Two there I found all educated married employed and much best profiles. The site condition, is you can chat at the same time, the opposite person would not receive your message unless you pay for the site.

I decided to pay for this site, I selected a few girls I am single and divorce, so I am seeking a woman who is working, because my income is not much, if someone Is working it would be nice, so I have decided to contact a few, I started chat, I got reply again I chat but no replay.

Further I had doubt and asked admin about this, they frankly say, for the sake of member they are sending first hi, hey heey all these messages. Same time, one or two call girls are available, they posted their email address, that means the site is only for the sex professionals and a person is who is connecting singles, no direct contact is found, but I requested my money back from Two admin, they said no this one story

A senior dating site I paid as they informed me I have 38 unread mails are with them, I pity the girls although I am expecting a girl who could make me happy in all aspects, still in the front message of the mails impressed me, someone is widow rich but no husband, someone single aged more than forty plus is searching for husband, all these made me to pay for the site, to explain them about my financial position and about me.

I paid and opened all the mails, all they are only details about the ladies, no contact information about them, if they are really suffering for a man, they would be providing a contact details either their phone number of email address, nothing was there.

Here I fight with the management I said I was cheated, I frankly said you are teasing the singles who are suffering for finding a partner, already any single is happy what is he doing or what she is doing, she or he is expecting a change in life, only for this reason they are uploading image and providing all details, in many sites contact details are hidden and the opposite sex person is unable to contact.

All these made me to fight and get back my money, I strictly said if you are not paying I will send legal notice and after that I will ban your site in my country, they paid back my money, my experience is your experience so be aware about these dating sites most of them are dubious. 

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