my experience with ptc sites

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Im so scared that have happened again! I was/I am member of ptcbery or buxbery and ptc-stair and two days ago I was trying to log in in buxbery but with no success!  A day latter the same happend with ptc-stair!!? Now Im waiting for their support response for a 24 hours.. Ill keep You post it about that.

I just know I didnt do anything wrong and that is all I need to know as far as Im concern. This is ...I think 5th or 6th ptc site in a row that scammed me for time and money and I dont know who will ever trust those Sites if they continue doing that!! 

Here is sc of my forum post on ptcstair,  before I was "banned" from that site too: 

I have few more scs of support tickets and stuff but my personal info is on too so I cant share those with You guys! ;) :) 

I have Tumblr blog of some kind ;) lol about TES and PTCs so if You wanna join me it would be so nice! :) 

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