My Experiences with YouTube Drama

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Upon an argument I had, I've realized one thing... YouTube Drama and Fuckery is nothing but a time waster, a brain cell destroyer and a life ruiner. To be strictly honest, I allowed myself to be tempted to enter the cesspool that is the YouTube Roast Arena. And once I have been drenched in the trash it was formed out of, my life was thrown on the verge of being thrown into the toilet. Now that times are desperate and hard for me, I've learned the hard way that drama will get you nowhere in the world, but either dead, imprisoned, broke or a combination of the three. So from August 1st onward, I am going to stay as far away as I can from outrageous liars, drama kings/queens, and trolls in general. And I would like to advise everyone who reads this entry to do the same thing. Because even though some of the jokes were funny at first, its mainly a realm of negativity, fights, document dropping, and sabotage. In my case, the negatives outweighs the sole positive, therefore my Era of Fuckery must come to an immediate end. Even my family has grown tired of the drama I've foolishly obsessed over and the time has come for all of us to cut all ties with YouTube Drama and Fuckery. I can guarantee you, without any trace of drama and fuckery, your life will be even better than the time the two destructive forces were included.

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