My Father's Day Special Presents from Afghanistan - Sustainable Education and Social Media Without Borders

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Yesterday I received a fantastic Father's Day present from my colleagues and friends in Afghanistan.

I received an update on the Herat operations from Elaha Mahboob. Below are her notes:

Dear Francesco,

All school social media accounts will be coordinated by school’s computer teachers and students are in training process and creating their accounts.

The Twitter group will be chosen in the following week according to the student’s activities.

We will hold the script or scenario writing courses for schools’ students in this week for one month so they become more familiar with the concept.

The cooking program will be shot too this week if the lights are delivered in this week to Herat.

Thanks, Elaha Mahboob


She also advised me of the new female students and soccer, football players from Herat and Kabul, who joined the Women's Annex Social Media Initiatives:


Dear Francesco,

Here are the new social media accounts of the students and female football team:

Female Students:

Esteqlal Female Football and Soccer Players:

Elaha Mahboob

And to complete this great present, she also sent me a list of excellent articles and blogs written by Afghan writers participating to the Women's Annex Social Media Initiatives:

Dear Francesco,

Here are the links of last week blogs:

Weekly Blogs:

Afghan Perspective’s blogs:

Schools weekly blogs:

Thanks, Elaha Mahboob

When I saw all those great news, I thought of how far we have gone in the last moths, and how happy I am of the investment in this great project.

The Students, schools and athletes keep me posted on Twitter of their daily activities and allow me and any other person willing to follow them to understand how their life is and what we can do together in the future. Here below is a screenshot of some of my Twitter account followers:

And here below is my Schools List:


Diligently, I re-tweet and forward their messages to thought leaders like @angelashah, @arynebaker, @biz, @royamahboob, @saadmohseni, @matthewmodine so that they can be aware of the great work being done by our teams in Central Asia.

During  this great week, we also opened the 9th school in Herat, Afghanistan, at Mirman Hayati High School, connecting nearly 2,000 more Afghan students to the World Wide Web.


This was a fantastic week and those are real presents to me! Thanks Elaha!

Happy Father's Day to all other fathers out there!

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