My favorite media devices!

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My favorite electronic devices nowadays are : The radio , computer and cellphone. Am not a fan of the television because i have to be using the computer all day and sometimes at night when i get freelance work. Watching television cause an extra strain on my eyes. I have to be wearing a translucent reading glasses to keep out the excess light from penetrating my eyes.

I listen to my radio everyday mainly the Bbc news and a few radio programs. I have learned so much when i listen to the world news. Am not missing out i keep up to date with all kind of worldly affairs.

The computer is my comfort , i have been using it for work over ten years. Good thing i did take computer class seriously back in school , as i was the one who got a prize for top performance , my teacher said he knew i had the potential , thats what he told me the other day on facebook.

My cellphone keeps me connected on the go , i can writing articles anytime. I get my email updates and my business associates can message me easily.

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