My Favorite Themes In Gaming - Mute City - F-Zero

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I thought I'd break away from fighting game music for this entry and try something else I've enjoyed in games for many years; the racing genre.


Without going into too long of a back story, my previous experiences with racing up until this point in time was pretty much Rad Racer. Racing games had not yet grabbed my attention the way they do now (especially if they're futuristic in their settings). Perhaps before then I was too young to truly appreciate them and still quite stuck on wanting to play any and all things Ninja Turtles related (and that's an entry for another time). But then along came F-Zero in 1990, and it was like everything made sense. The controls were tough to get a handle on at first, but once I got past the learning curve, I could really just sit back and really enjoy the game.

F-Zero had lots of things to enjoy. It's amazing setting, the (then) incredibly fast speeds, and most important of all, the music. The game has quite a few memorable tracks that you could load up anywhere and just listen to by themselves. But I think the one that most people, including myself, find to be the most iconic of all tracks in the original game is from the very first level, Mute City.


This track gets you pumped to get going and blaze through the course! It takes its time for but a few seconds but when it gets going, it really gets going! It makes you think "Brakes? Where we're going we don't need brakes." YOU'VE GOT BOOST POWER! ...okay, yes I know that last line comes from F-Zero X but hey, it fits given what we're covering here. 

There's not much more I can honestly say about this song. But when I think of F-Zero, I think of Mute City and its amazing musical theme. 

The next games I'll cover in this series that have to do with the racing genre will be Wave Race and Extreme-G. I might throw in a bit of Mario Kart as well. But the next actual game I'll talk about will be in the platforming genre. I'm thinking either Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong Country. You'll find out which one next time!